Professor Mona Siddiqui and Professor Robert Winston: Jewish and Islamic law, Sunday 20 October, 8pm, Martin Hall, New College, Mound Place EH1 2LX

An event organised by the Edinburgh Jewish Literary Society and the Research Network in Jewish Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

This event is free but ticketed:

Contact for questions: Dr Hannah Holtschneider

Mona Siddiqui is Professor of Islamic and Interreligious Studies at New College, University of Edinburgh. Her academic interests include Islamic law and Christian-Muslim relations, and she is widely known as a commentator and presenter on BBC radio.

Robert Winston is Professor of Science and Society at Imperial College London. He has had a distinguished career as a doctor, medical researcher, television presenter, and currently sits in the House of Lords. He is also a practising Jew.

Professors Siddiqui and Winston will discuss differences and similarities between the importance of Jewish and Islamic Law for the lives of contemporary Jews and Muslims.

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