Previous Meetings

2014-2015 Season

  • Clive Lawton: What should we think about Israel?
  • David Lehmann: ‘Marriage in the Ultra Orthodox Community’.
  • Judah Passow: ‘Seeing Ourselves: Photographing inside Scotland’s Jewish Community’.
  • Chanukah Evening, presented by David Bleiman and Elaine Samuel: ‘This reminds me of…’
  • Suzie Kelpie and Rabbi Kate Briggs  present Regina
  • Jonathan Seckl: On Epigenetics and Transgenerational Trauma.
  • Nina Fischer: Muriel Spark’s The Mandelbaum Gate and images of Jerusalem.
  • Andrew Ranicki: ‘My father Marcel Reich-Ranicki: An illustrated talk.
  • David J Simons:‘The Land Agent’, the third novel in his Glasgow to Galilee trilogy,

2012-2013 Season – President’s Report (pdf)

  • David Neville: Who do I think I am?
  • Film Evening: Aviva Ahuvati (Aviva, my love)
  • Desert Chanukiah Discs, presented by Lord Julian Goodman
  • Shirli Gilbert: Forgotten Letters. A refugee from Nazi Germany in Apartheid South Africa
  • Lord Beecham: Strangers no more (film)
  • Norman Crane: The Book of Judith. A tale of gender, sex and violence
  • Daniel Davies: Why is everyone a Maimonidean
  • Alex Guilherme: Martin Buber and Ghandi – A polemical exchange of letters on ‘The Jewish Problem’

2011-2012 Season – President’s Report (pdf)

  • Ben Outhwaite: The Cairo Genizah
  • Maria Diemling: Nursing babies: Christian wet-nurses and Jewish families
  • George Wilkes: Wars of Liberation, Wars of Religion: Franz Rosenzweig
  • Film Evening: A Serious Man
  • Malcolm Rifkind: Israel and the Middle East: Implications of the Arab Spring
  • Patricia Allerston: Sickert’s Portrait of Israel Zangwill
  • Stephen Bowd: Jews in Early Modern Travel Literature

2010-2011 Season – President’s Report (pdf)

  • Alex Goldberg: On Interfaith
  • Emily Michelson: Conversionary preaching to Jews in the Roman Ghetto
  • Alan Shenkin: Primo Levi’s periodic table — Chemistry or Literature?
  • Film Evening: The Band’s Visit, or Bikur Ha-Tizmoret (2007)
  • Donald Bloxham: The perpetrators of the Holocaust and their motivations
  • Nathan Abrams: Remote Jews? Small Jewish communities
  • Mark Solomon: How many ways can you sing Kaddish?
  • J. David Simons: The Liberation of Celia Kahn

2009-2010 Season – President’s Report (pdf)

  • Antony Lerman: The End of Antisemitism?
  • J. David Simons: The Credit Draper
  • Eyal Poleg: From Warriors to Martyrs and Back Again: The Maccabees in Medieval Judaism and Christianity
  • Sir Jeremy Beecham: The New Israel Fund
  • David Kaufman: ‘Yidn, shreibt un fershreibt’: a History of the History of the Holocaust
  • Bill Shakman: Kabbalistic Reflections on the Passover Story
  • Claudia Nocentini: Natalia Ginzburg and the construction of identity
  • Anne Joseph: Ross Bradshaw, Ellen Galford: The Sea of Azov

2008-2009 Season – President’s Report (pdf)

  • Fiona Frank: Hannah Frank, Jewish Artist
  • Susannah Heschel: Aryan Theology
  • Margaret Brearley: Nazism and Nature; some roots of the Holocaust
  • Claire Ungerson: The rescue of Jewish men from Greater Germany in 1939; the case of the Kitchener Camp in East Kent
  • Joachim Hemmerle: Yiddish puppet theatre “Hakl-Bakl”

2007-2008 Season

  • Marc Saperstein: Literature in Jewish Sermons
  • Sam Cohn: The Black Death and the Burning of the Jews
  • Tamar Yellin: on The Genizah at the house of Shefer.
  • Timothy Lim: on Literary Artistry of the Book of Ruth.
  • Nancy Morris: Is it too Late for Justice? The strange history of prosecuting Nazi war criminals.
  • Barry Davis: Yiddish Film: Between East and West.

2006-2007 Season – President’s Report (pdf)

  • Nicholas de Lange: On Translating Amos Oz
  • David Rose: St Andrew’s Jews: Attitudes to Jews in the Church of Scotland.
  • Hannah Holtschneider: Turning towards Jerusalem? Jews and the Holocaust in German Protestant Theology
  • Naomi Alderman: Disobedience: The author discusses her novel and describes how she came to write it
  • Mark Solomon: The Secret Light: Islamic Influences on Jewish Spirituality.
  • David Mazower: Dreams of Glory – how the Jewish Workers of Whitechapel built themselves a Yiddish Opera House in 1912
  • Oron Joffe: Hebrew and Aramaic – a Friendly Embrace.

2005-2006 Season – President’s Report (pdf)

  • Bernard Jackson: History and Authority in the Halakah: The Problem of the Agunah
  • Jenni Calder: David Daiches
  • Susannah Heschel: Abraham Geiger: the Rabbi as Historian
  • Nathan Abrams: The Jewish Dream Factory: Jews and the American Film Industry
  • Catherine Lockerbie: The Edinburgh Book Festival
  • Ross Bradshaw: Jews in the Spanish Civil War
  • Gary Gilbert: Between Assimilation and Difference: Aspects of Jewish Identity in the Ancient World
  • Colin Shindler: The Triumph of Military Zionism: Nationalism and the Origins of the Israeli Right

Meetings Records

2012 AGM minutes

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