11 December, Rabbi Jonathan Romain: “Seven Major Issues Facing British Jewry” (Zoom)

Jews worry. That is part of our DNA. Sometimes, it is needless and we indulge in ‘oy gevults’. But at other times there are good reasons to worry. Jonathan Romain has been at the forefront of some controversial campaigns within the Jewish community (such as pioneering a more welcoming approach to mixed-faith couples, trying to make faith schools more inclusive, arguing for assisted dying to be legalised, and intervening in the 2020 General Election) and, in his talk, he will explore the seven major challenges faced by British Jewry. Come and find out what they are…and decide whether we need to worry or not.

Jonathan Romain is a rabbi, writer and broadcaster, He is Minister of Maidenhead Reform Synagogue, writes for The Times and The Jewish Chronicle, and is often heard or seen on the BBC. He is Chaplain to the Jewish Police Association, President of the Accord Coalition (campaigning for inclusive education), and Vice-Chair of Dignity in Dying. His latest book, The Naked Rabbi, John Hunt Publishing (£10.99) came out in May 2022.


2022-12-11 romain_c

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