Sunday 10 November: Geoffrey Cantor, ‘The Anglo-Jewish Press of the 1840s: The Voice of Jacob and two Jewish Chronicles’

Much of our news about events in the Jewish world is gleaned from reading such publications as the Jewish Chronicle and the Jewish Telegraph (including their online versions). Yet the Anglo-Jewish periodical press was only established in the early 1840s with the founding of the Voice of Jacob (f. 1841) and two periodicals with the title Jewish Chronicle (f. 1841 & 1844). Why were these periodicals founded? Who produced them? Who read them? And why did two of these publications fail? In this talk Professor Geoffrey Cantor will set the early history of the Anglo-Jewish press in the context of the frenetic world of London publishing during the 1840s, which included such innovative titles as Punch and the Economist.

Geoffrey Cantor is Professor Emeritus of the History of Science at the University of Leeds and an Honorary Senior Research Associate in the Department of Science & Technology Studies at UCL. His research has focused on nineteenth century British science and especially on the inter-relations between science and religion. In retirement he works part-time as a mental health mentor to university students in London.

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