26 March: Hannah Holtschneider and Mia Spiro, Jews in the Archive: Haunting Memories in the Aftermath of the Holocaust

The talk will introduce discoveries in the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre. Focusing on the Jewish Arts Festival and the performance of ‘The Dybbuk’, Mia will discuss the popularity of the dybbuk’s haunting figure in Jewish theatre in post-war Scotland. Hannah will explore the archive of Dorrith Sim, a refugee from Nazi Germany, and the contribution to knowledge that research on a specific family may make, as well as the ethical questions arising from researching such a deeply personal archive.Dr Mia Spiro (Jewish Studies, University of Glasgow) has published widely on literary and visual images of Jews in the early twentieth century. Dr Hannah Holtschneider (Jewish Studies, University of Edinburgh) mainly works on twentieth century Jewish cultural history, often in relation to Holocaust memory and representation in a variety of media. Together Hannah and Mia work on the ‘Jewish Lives, Scottish Spaces’ research project: http://jewishmigrationtoscotland.is.ed.ac.uk/


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