December 6th: Diana Finley: The Loneliness of Survival

Inspired by Diana’s own mother’s life, who was an Austrian Jew who had fled from Vienna to Palestine in the 1930’s, The Loneliness of Survival follows the story of Anna from her birth in 1914 through the events of the 1930s, marriage, and the long carrying of a haunting secret. A tale involving displacement, loss and loneliness, the book also probes what is bound up with surviving into very old age.

Please note that the time for this meeting has been changed to 3pm, so as to allow everyone to enjoy the Chanukah lighting in St Andrew‘s Square at 6pm.

2015-12-06 finley-c

The Loneliness of Survival is Diana Finley’s first novel. Diana worked as an editor and writer of children’s books, earned a degree in Speech and Psychology and for part of her professional life was a specialist in communication disorders of autistic children. Find out more about Diana’s book at

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