January 13th 2013: Lord Beecham: film, “Strangers No More”

Lord (Jeremy) Beecham, who spoke to us a few years ago on the treatment of minorities in Israel, will introduce this award winning documentary. Strangers No More tells the tale of children from 48 different countries who attend the Bialik-Rogozin School in south Tel Aviv. Many of the students have escaped genocide, war and hunger to arrive in Israel at a school where “no child is a stranger.” The documentary focuses on a number of students as they acclimatize to their new lives and attempt to put the hardships and horrors of the past behind them. It highlights the bond between teacher and student, and amongst the students themselves, enabling them to create new lives in this exceptional community.

8.00pm, Marian Oppenheim Hall, Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation, 4 Salisbury Road.

2013-01-13 beecham

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